Harnessing the Power of the World’s Mobile Workforce

Harnessing the Power of the World’s Mobile Workforce

Find technical experts and seasoned professionals by tapping the on-demand, global knowledge workforce

Given the increasing competition for the best, brightest and most experienced contract professionals, companies simply can't afford to ignore the mobile professionals in the global talent pool.

Eight in 10 executives report their company is investing more in IT recruiting as a result of hiring challenges, and if the current trends continue, the U.S. will likely be short 1.1 million IT and engineering workers by 2024 according to an analysis by the American Action Forum.

Meanwhile, the global talent pool has been expanding as emerging economies invest heavily in education. Many of these professionals are eager to travel or move to the U.S. for contract assignments.

Tapping into the global talent pool composed of high-quality scientists and engineers offers additional benefits as well. But recruiting large numbers of professionals from overseas for project work can be frustrating and cost prohibitive, unless you partner with a staffing supplier that knows the ins and outs of the global talent market.

Don’t let the best talent hide in plain sight. Leverage the strengths of the world’s mobile workforce by expanding your talent supply chain.

Advantages of Leveraging the Global Contract Workforce

Beat the Skill Gap

How can you reduce time-to-fill for contractors who possess in-depth knowledge of popular programming languages such as Java or .NET without encountering mountains of red tape? By partnering with a staffing firm that sponsors foreign contractors and accepts transfers of H1-B Visa holders.

Sponsoring firms administer the application process for foreign graduates of American universities and workers in specialty occupations while shouldering the legal and compliance costs. At the same time, they attract passionate professionals and new grads who want to enhance their skills by working on a variety of projects before either returning to their home country or applying for permanent residency. Adding suppliers with global sourcing capabilities lets organizations reap the benefits of an expanded on-demand talent pool without incurring excessive risk or costs.

Note: Although the staffing supplier is responsible for handling paperwork and documentation, visa approval and compliance processes are complicated. Since missteps may disrupt assignments, make sure that your staffing partners have capable staff and processes in place to ensure compliance by synchronizing payroll with visa dates, deadlines and other terms.

Fill Hard-to-Fill Positions

It can takes weeks to fill contract requisitions in highly competitive markets or rural locations if suppliers only source from the local area. And telecommuting may not be feasible or practical for project teams that need to interact with stakeholders or external clients on a daily basis. Tapping the global talent pool makes it easier to identify a qualified professional who is willing to relocate on temporarily for a great opportunity. Boost assignment completion rates and productivity by partnering with a staffing firm that provides support, relocation assistance and career development for mobile professionals.

Increase Global Capacity and Diversity

Increasing diversity and adding multicultural and multilingual professionals to a technical workforce can improve your company’s ability to expand globally, develop new products or communicate with offshore teams. Contractors from foreign countries can act as Sherpas or cultural coaches for current employees and research shows that workforce diversity enhances creativity, inspires innovation and invites differing points of view.

Also, in some cases, the federal government provides tax breaks and incentives to businesses that use certified minority-owned suppliers.

Identify Future Employees

After auditioning new grads and contractors on a temporary basis, clients may be able to convert top performing contractors to regular, full-time status by sponsoring the worker’s green card application process. Savvy companies often edge out competitors for graduates from top engineering and computer science programs by hiring them on a temporary basis through a staffing firm and converting them to full-time status later.

More than ever, contract talent is regarded as a resource that can propel companies to the top tier of competitiveness. Having a global talent strategy that harnesses the power of the world’s mobile workforce is critical to meeting staffing and business objectives.

Given the increasing competition for the best, brightest and most experienced contract professionals, companies simply can’t afford to ignore the mobile professionals in the global talent pool.

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